11.10.14 - 26.10.14

Bath Spa University and the Trevor Osborne Charitable Trust (founded by local property developer Trevor Osborne) joined forces again this year to offer 5 students an artist’s residency in Porthleven, Cornwall, followed by an exhibition at the O3 Gallery.

In May 2014 the Bath Spa Porthleven Prize sent 5 Bath Spa students on a ten-day residency to the Porthleven Lifeboat Art Studio, in the harbour of Porthleven, South Cornwall. Whilst there, the students worked together to produce a body of collaborative artwork in a number of disciplines including performance and text, as well as visual art. In October 2014 the culmination of the artwork produced by these early career artists is presented in the form of this contemporary art exhibition. Taking their inspiration from the physical act of walking the landscape, the participating students have skilfully woven together all aspects of their Porthleven experience to produce a contemporary creative vision of this special location.
Participating Artists:
Lucinda Burgess
Lucinda trained at Bath Academy of Art in Corsham as a painter in the 1980s. Recent work has been entirely 3-dimensionsal displaying a great delight in raw elemental materials, however her roots as a painter are clearly apparent for much emphasis is placed on surfaces, mat, velvety, shiny and rough and often the wall forms an integral part of the piece. A period spent working as a landscape designer with several awards at Chelsea, including two golds, is clearly apparent for all of her present work involves natural processes. Lucinda has also been heavily involved with oriental philosophy, studying in a monastic setting and lecturing on the subject. Her work is suffused with oriental thinking, namely the emphasis on transience and ‘non-self’, an oriental term to describe the non-existence of permanent fixed entities.
Emily Furnell
Emily is a Fine Artist and Sculptor. Her work discusses the interplay between the visible and esoteric aspects of the world through exploring intermolecular interactions between charged particles. She does so by manipulating the chemical and physical properties of metals and breaking them down into constituent parts, where preconceptions of a material’s stability are questioned. Her sculptural installations, often ephemeral, are readily documented and become by-products of past experiments, fluctuating in scale, but always with the same presence of alchemic and chronological investigation. Influenced heavily by the physical sciences, Emily surveys the minutiae of materials that are often overlooked, but fundamental to our existence. She has exhibited widely, in London, Reading, Bristol and Bath, having been shortlisted for sculpture in this year’s Signature Art Prize, Spitalfields. She has curated and co-curated shows in the Spring Gardens, Vauxhall, Imperial College’s Blyth Gallery, London and 44AD, Bath, as well as having gained experience through working in Conrad Shawcross’ studio, Hackney in 2013 and 2014.
Fiona Haines
Born in Ireland and educated in England, Fiona graduated in 2010 with a First Class BA (Hons) degree from Bath School of Art & Design. She is currently studying for a Masters in Fine Art specializing in Sculpture, Photography and Audio. Fiona’s work responds to sites and the quest for fugitive essences her work seeks to illuminate qualities that often go unnoticed by the casual observer. A love of architecture, landscape and colour fused with her nursing career provide a catalyst for her artwork, choice of materials and processes. Her art is characterized by colourful images, site-specific audio recordings and sculpture made from transformed objects to reconstruct the notion of place. Fiona was commissioned to make a sculpture for Chelsea Flower Show, receiving a Gold medal award. Her work is held in the Fidelity International collection and with numerous private clients. Fiona has received the Gane Travel award to Iceland as well as the Bath Spa Porthleven prize.
Sae Murai
Sae was born in Tokushima, Japan in 1992. Her grandmother and mother have had a great influence on her interest in textiles. Sae came to the United Kingdom in September 2011 for her Art and Design Foundation Course at Kingston University. She is a third year student now studying Mixed Media Textile and 3D ceramics and sculpture for a BA Honours degree in Creative Arts, Bath Spa University. She has had two group exhibitions in Bath at Walcot Chapel and the American Museum in 2014. And also volunteers for Shadow puppet workshop and Lunar New Year Extravaganza at the Museum of East Asia Art in 2013, Summer School at One Two Five Art School in 2014. She was the one of guest artists with Michael Brennand-Wood in 2014. Her practice is continually evolving as she develops her knowledge of new techniques and materials.
Jennifer Newbury
Jennifer is a writer with a First class BA Hons in Photography from the Arts University Bournemouth. Her stories have appeared in print and online at Kasma SF, The Pygmy Giant, The Recusant, Dogmatika, and in two anthologies. Her photographs have been exhibited across Dorset. Jennifer has won or been shortlisted for several writing competitions, and she has performed her stories at London’s Royal Festival Hall, in Dorset and in Wiltshire. Jennifer is the co-organiser of Storyslingers writing group, based at Shaftesbury Arts Centre, and is involved in literature development in Dorset. She co-curates at The Old Print Room gallery in Dorset. Whilst studying for her MA in Writing for Young People at Bath Spa University Jennifer has informally taken an extra module in MA Curatorial Practice, and two of her six formal modules were from the Creative Writing MA.

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