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Porthleven: A Peripatetic Encounter

Bath Spa Porthleven Prize 2014

O3 gallery
Caroline Meynall
Fiona Haines

Exhibition open: 11.10.14 – 26.10.14

Bath Spa University and the Trevor Osborne Charitable Trust (founded by local property developer Trevor Osborne) joined forces again this year to offer 5 students an artist’s residency in Porthleven, Cornwall, followed by an exhibition at the O3 Gallery.

In May 2014 the Bath Spa Porthleven Prize sent 5 Bath Spa students on a ten-day residency to the Porthleven Lifeboat Art Studio, in the harbour of Porthleven, South Cornwall. Whilst there, the students worked together to produce a body of collaborative artwork in a number of disciplines including performance and text, as well as visual art. In October 2014 the culmination of the artwork produced by these early career artists is presented in the form of this contemporary art exhibition. Taking their inspiration from the physical act of walking the landscape, the participating students have skilfully woven together all aspects of their Porthleven experience to produce a contemporary creative vision of this special location...

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O3 gallery
Caroline Meynall
Susan Wheeler

Exhibition open: 01.11.14 – 23.11.14

OUTLINES is an exhibition exploring and celebrating the shapes and patterns created by the landscape of the British countryside. Bringing together three contemporary artists, all of whom create work in response to the rural landscape, this exhibition highlights its contoured forms and graphic arrangements. From the gently undulating Oxfordshire hills, to the striated skies of the Devonshire coastline, these images create a visual language of joyous colour and abridged form.
This exhibition predominantly showcases the medium of printmaking, with an emphasis on the process of lino-cutting, via the work of Susan Wheeler and Colin Moore. Both artists exemplify how this traditional printing method (deriving from the ancient technique of woodcutting) can produce such fresh, contemporary imagery. Wheeler and Moore’s work is accompanied by that of Anna Dillon, whose painting is influenced by 20th century British landscape painting, characterised by the work of Paul and John Nash, John Piper and Peter Lanyon...

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